good MRI

I recently had an MRI for my multiple sclerosis. I have had one every year or every other year for 20 years. For the first time I got back MRI results that are good. I have no new multiple sclerosis brain activity. I do have a few lesions that are little bit larger than my last MRI. But my last MRI was in 2014. So they are only bigger because I  haven’t gotten one for 3 years and the multiple sclerosis was getting worse until 2017 in December. So this scientifically proves that stem cells work! It has totally stopped the progression of my disease. If I had not gotten stem cell treatment I would have eventually be bedridden. But that’s what the pharmaceuticals companies want. That is why stem cells are not legal for Progressive multiple sclerosis in the United States. There are only a few doctors in America giving stem cells treatment for their illness. Stem cell treatment has a high risk for living your life. However, the ones that are giving out in America has had many fatalities. Going to Mexico for this treatment was the best thing I have ever done with my life. Having my daughter is the first thing. However , without stem cells I would not be able to get out of bed to be with her. She has already noticed that I am so much stronger and I am able to enjoy play with her. We play board games. Play with dolls. Play school. And it has made such a huge difference in my family’s life. Since before Christmas my daughter has been complaining, something that she calls frustrated feet My husband took her to he doctor and he reported that there was nothing physically wrong with her. I have all along thought that this was a frustrated mental thing. And that most of it was due to the fact that I wasn’t around to be her mother for the past two years. There is nothing better than seeing your child’s eyes light up just because you can play Connect 4 with her. She did the other night complain of frustrated feet and it showed that what I thought was the truth.  she didn’t understand what the results said.. She thought that it meant I’m not going to get any better. After we explained that mommy still probably will get even better I just have to wait for new neural Pathways to grow. Which can take years. But with a wonderful family ,and a positive attitude I have no lack of faith and I believe that one day I will walk with a cane again. You can’t even put into words how happy and excited I am with this news. Since I’ve been home for Mexico one year, my husband has not had to pick me up and put me on the bed. He also used to help me on and ooff the commode. He has not had to do this at all and we are getting older and his back couldn’t take it much longer. I also wear underwear now and not depends. Most people wouldn’t be willing to share this information. But what a miracle I have had I want to scream it to the world. I have faith that new neural Pathways will grow. I will have much more good recovery. I  names my daughter faith because I have so much faith in the joy to come and that she would be beautiful my one and only child.

My OBGYN 8 years ago told me it would be dangerous for me to carry a child as I would have a severe multiple sclerosis attack after. Unfortunately he was correct. When my daughter was only 5 months old I became paralyzed from the waist down she was so young at 5 months she did not remember I ever drove. That I ever could pick her up. And that I could not go do fun stuff with her outside because the air often made me sick and I would just get too worn out. She is such a sweet little girl and she has so much empathy her heart.

I am so blessed to have the friends and family I have. They have given me so much hope. Plus they’ve raised $54,000 for my treatment in Mexico. I still can’t walk. And I still often use a wheelchair out. But I really would be totally eventually paralyzed from the neck down. My disease was progressing so quickly this treatment was my only hope. I hope for all of you if you have multiple sclerosis or many other diseases you seek out treatment in another country. Because our country wants you to keep living off the pharmaceutical companies. I know for me I take many many pills everyday. I do take less since my stem cell treatment. I have just been on medication so long sometimes I start to ask myself if I even need them or people just want to make money. I can’t wait for new neural Pathways to grow. For the first time in a very long time I have so much hope for tomorrow. I just have so much joy that I know this disease isn’t going any further. Even if I don’t get any other good results just knowing that it’s stopped the progression makes it worth the money. Peace and love- Laurelin 🌻

Post hsct stem cells for multiple sclerosis 13 months

There is an Arctic polar vortex in New York state. Stem cells have made it so severe cold and severe hot do not affect me as much but this cold is outrageous. My right leg still works but it is very stiff like a log however I can still walk with a walker. When I received stem cells everyone except for one person was from a very cold climate. Canada. Norway. Ireland. New York State. Etc. The cold and multiple sclerosis do not get along. This is the coldest it has ever been in New York state in my lifetime. It is 0 degrees out with a wind chill of -30. So the fact that I’m not in dire pain and I still can get around shows that stem cells have in proved my quality of life. Unfortunately it feels like I have plateaued in my progression towards multiple sclerosis getting better. However stem cells have stopped the progression of my disease so if this is all I get I am quite grateful. If it has not stopped the progression of my disease I would be bedridden now or in the future months to come. So the fact that I can walk with a walker is outstanding. I still hope to maybe walk with a cane comes summer times but I do not know if this will ever happen. I might just have to wait for them to find more of a cure for multiple sclerosis which Mexico is working on and we will return and a few years when they have perfected it. For now at least my disease has stopped progressing. Otherwise I would be bed ridden by now or in the few months to follow. Stem cells have been a great blessing in my life. I have gained 30 pounds of pure muscle in my legs which used to look like sticks. My bowels and my bladder usually work but sometimes I still struggle. I am not complaining though. I am so grateful for what I have gotten. And I may see more results once the weather gets better. The cold and multiple sclerosis do not agree with each other. I just wanted to give you a small check up today. On the coldest day of the year ever in New York state. The fact that autoimmune disease can be helped by stem cells leads me to believe that anyone with a similar disease should seek out stem cells. And they are working on a cure for my disease. Hopefully I will be around to see this happen. Peace and love to all my wonderful friends who helped me get stem cells and who are struggling with illnesses like mine today. There is hope out there. Do not lose faith. Peace and love Laurelin🌻

Hsct stem stem cell transplant one year post

A disease has stopped progressing. But my disease is still there. I live in New York and the winter brings on multiple sclerosis symptoms very badly. I am much stronger. And I have gained 30 pounds mostly in muscle. I can get in and out of bed on my own. I can get on and off the commode on my own. I still cannot walk without a walker but I do not use my wheelchair and anymore. I thought I would to be farther along after a year. I think both my husband and myself were hoping for a miracle. But the fact that it has stopped at the progression has at least alone saved my life. The doctor and Mexico said that I would not know my results until about 3 years post. I don’t know how much more I will get in healthy here but I hope I will be. I am still hoping for that miracle. I hope I get a little more out of this then I have but I cannot complain. For it has stopped at the progression of my disease. And it is still possible that new neural Pathways can grow from my brain to my nerves. A big problem is my sense of balance. Unfortunately that is all in the inner ear and I must just hope for new neural Pathways to grow. I must stay optimistic. Everyone says I look much healthier. It is difficult for me as I have body dysmorphia and I can no longer see my ribs. Which of course makes me feel fat when I know I am not. So I try to avoid the mirror and my husband is buying me new pants for Christmas as none of mine fit me. Stem cells have definitely been a Journey. And a journey I would do again as if I had not gotten them I may be bed ridden by now and I am not. So I have to keep my hopes up. I don’t have to keep dreaming of a bright future. But after one year I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I know I should not. I should just be grateful. But I don’t think I will ever have a normal life that everyone else hats. Not hats hey it’s not hats my voice application is screwing up sorry about that guys. Anyways stem cells are still a great thing. I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 20 years and I wish they had been unavailable when I was younger. I probably could have stopped and then. But America is so blinded by the pharmaceutical companies that instead they made me a guinea pig for all types of the medications that did not work. I am a very grateful woman with multiple sclerosis today. I am not trying to sound like I am not grateful. I just hope and pray that my white blood cells keep dividing and grow new neural Pathways and I see a little more from my procedure. I still have very short hair. And it has grown in super curly from chemotherapy. Long beautiful hair. But it least at age 37 I don’t have any gray hairs yet and I am grateful for that. My bowels and my bladder still work on and off. Because I am still on opioid medication it is hard to truly see the success of my bowels. Bernie. & a journey I would do with God as this I had not gotten them I may be bedridden by now and I am NOT so I have to keep my hopes up I need to keep dreaming of a break future but after one year I can’t help but feel a little disappointed I know I should not I should just be grateful. I don’t think I will ever have the normal life that I have for you want to help that has not had had is not hat my voice application is growing up sorry about that guys anyways themselves are still a great thing I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 20 years and I think had available f***** probably precious Americas so blinded by the pharmaceutical companies that didn’t send me a guinea pig for all types of that kitchen work I am a very grateful that supposed to closest to say like I’m grateful I just hope pray that my white blood cells keep fighting and grow girl pathways and that he left my procedure I still have very short hair and it has probably from therapy over I miss my very long beautiful hair but at least at 8:37 I don’t have any gray hairs yet and I am grateful for that my bowels and my bladder still work on and off because I am still on opiate medication it is hard to truly see the success of my bowels but my bladder definitely works better overall I would go back to Mexico in a second it was completely worth it I just hope that post two years I will have more healthy stories to share with you keep your eyes on the prize my friends and never give up and never surrender we cannot let anything for it we all only got one I don’t is now 7 years old he is constantly asking her teacher to go to the nurses office I am worried it is because her mother is sick but you might just be trying to get out of work and that’s what I’d like to think it is she has such a strong little soul and I am so grateful to have her and an amazing husband I believe I would have made it better be in good health all of my friends I will keep you updated as the month progressed hopefully I will have every time the progression has stopped. And that is some miracle so great thank you to all we have supported me and it is for me to go to Mexico me so much to me power of community continue to keep you all updated. Peace and love Laurelin🌻 it’s always I apologize for grammatical errors as I still must use a voice application and cannot type or write yet. But hopefully I will someday.

Stem cell transplant almost 11 months

I am finally beginning to see good stem cells results. I can always walk with my Walker. Get in and out of chairs. Get off the couch. Get in and out of bed on my own. Get on and off the commode on my own. Girls and bladder are always getting better. My house is finally clean enough that I’m not embarrassed when people stop by. My fine motor skills are still terrible. The Tremors will take a long time to go away. Until then I cannot dust-up hi. Or write my name. Or cook. But things are definitely getting better. Stem cells have been a blessing. I have gained a lot of weight due to steroids. I asked if the dose can be lowered and it cannot. So I must just deal with this steroids until February. I was severely underweight so gaining 30 pounds actually helps me. I just have to monitor so I don’t gain too much more. But in general things are looking better. As always I highly recommend to you if you have an autoimmune disease to seek out stem cells as an option. They have made a huge dose difference in my life. I think everyone who helped me get them and in general I absolutely love Mankind and I hope we can learn to love each other. 6’s so far I will keep you updated.

 Peace And love Laurelin 🌻