Millennials I apologize from Generation X

Just like the Baby Boomers we left you with a mess

Before the Baby Boomers it was the generation of immigrants overseas

Didn’t know English but great industry exploded. So did air pollution with ease

Every generation has to pick up the last generation Slack.

Every generation thinks they know the answer and that is the problem they lack.

Generation X created the world wide web.

I thought it would go nowhere but for porn but instead… 

It connected us all to humanity.

I have friends in Turkey now Iran, Iraq it is great I live in democracy.

But it also created terrorism to the fullest degee

They could now connect all over and plan destruction to freedom and liberty.

Humanity must connect as one. No walls 

with Wi-Fi I don’t care how that wall is tall

We created the technology 

but my six year old knows it better than me.

We left you in the beginning of your new life with president number 45

I won’t get political. I’m old and I’m just happy to be alive.

I just hope you fight for clean water and clean air.

Your great great great grandchildren will care if it is there.

So undergrads of the university called bu, yes I see you

Speak your voice. Protest. And when you are through

Please explain to me what is a Wii U.

The last research paper I used the internet microfiche that is true

Other than my website and Facebook on the computer I don’t know what to do.

Millennials I apologize now it is your time the country’s fate rests in you