8 Months post hsct stem cell

I found myself taking things for granted today. Things we all take for granted. I have since the last six months or so been able to get into bed on my own. I also can crawl now. I used to scoot around on my butt using only my arm muscle. I can now stand straight up. I just cannot move from there LOL. But stem cells are working. They really work! America needs to get on the ball with the rest of the world. They can help so many different people instead of medication. My bladder and bowels work almost always on their own. And I rarely have accidents. I am still on the roller coaster but I am not sick everyday. Just like an 8 month old baby my immune system is strong enough to be around people now. I also use my Walker around the house always. If it is not a lot of walking I even take it in public now. I have enough hair I do not need a wig.

My hair is growing and very very curly. I had curly hair as a child but then I lost it. Now it is growing in curlier than ever. I can play with my daughter a little more now. And we have alone time from when she gets off the bus and daddy gets home. It is really nice. We chat. She does my nails and makeups for I cannot do it yet LOL. We do her homework together and she is such a great helper now that she’s old enough to do things she is so good to me. I must say my condition might be one of the reasons she is so good to me and so awful to her daddy sometimes giggle. So things are on the up-and-up. I can’t wait for December when I am post one year. They say that’s when you really start to see differences. I will keep you posted. Again I ask if you have illnesses like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s or certain cancers please seek out stem cell treatment. It really does work. I am living proof!

Peace and love Laurelin