The man

.There once was a man who lived on a land we’re no jobs were meant to be found. he went to New York but was turned away at the port, for his religion was wrong and skin to Brown

There once was a girl from Mexico. She worked for little money and for 16 hours a day she would Cut & Sew. The same clothes that you wear in America, you know. She saved up her money and to the United States she did go. She was turned away and sent back to Mexico.

In Syria children are starved and blown up. They are lucky if they get fresh water in a cup. It is not their fault their government is corrupt. Nor is it their fault a Civil War did erupt. They are children, and don’t deserve to live in this glup.

There is a group that is called the UN. It is in the organization meant to help all of them. Instead they live a lie; and often pretend. That they don’t know any of them

We now have a president who acts like he’s Royal. He ignores the world and the and the rich  he does spoil. He doesn’t care of the world’s trouble and toil. He wants to burn fossil fuels burn up our resources and oil.

Now this great country ,the United States. Is building a wall instead of putting food on  starving Children’s Plates.  And now so many hates the United States. I worry about the people in this country’s fates.

Now everything seems to be such a mass. And the United States is being put to the test. Will we stand up and fight? Or will we lie down and rest? I think we may be doomed unless….

We learn to love all people again. We are too young of a nation to even pretend; that we can’t afford to help, that we could not help all of them.. Supplies and food we could send. We just need to reach out and our hand to lend. To all of humanity for they are all our friend.

Civil rights ,women’s rights, immigration, It’s all under attack. It is peace and love that our government does Lack. New York fought to end fracking and our environment is getting sacked. For the man in control of the country wants to frack.

We have come so far to only be turned upside down. It affects us all ;mine and your town. Instead of staring at the TV with a frown, open your eyes and look all around. Humanity is crying with a silent sound. Do you really want us to be fossil-fuel bound?

Only you can make the choice. It is only you that has a voice. I beg of you to let that voice sing. It is time for us truly to Let Freedom Ring..

Peace and love Laurelin