The Meaning of life

If I turn left; will things work out alright?

If I go blind; will you be my sight?

I realize that now; my life is half over.

Will I still turn left, or look over my shoulder?

Am I truly happy, with all my left turns?

Or is there still a passion that burns;

To be different.Turn left,not right.

I tried to stand out with all my might!

Now in my thirties, I contemplate…

Did I chose left? Or was it FATE?

Do I control anything I do?!

Maybe it’s not up to me or you.

Why then am I in so much pain?

I have had a great life; I should not complain.

Can I enjoy life walking this path?

Did I turn left;only to face God’s wrath?

Many a question. There is no reply.

Perhaps there’s an answer after I die.

Why am I here? Further more; why are you?

So much regret. pain. horror. What do we do?

If pain out ways joy- Why the Hell am I here?!

I just heard an answer- It is finally clear;

It didn’t come from Heaven, or you, but inside my head;

A voice just told me to turn straight instead!

No left turns, you just go round and round.

Stop thinking and listen to the sound;

Of yourself. Your soul. Your inner being.

You may realize then; the answer to life’s meaning.

I will not share the answer. It’s up to you;

Find some meaning in all that you do!

The physical pain I feel can’t compete with my soul.

It runs, skips, dances; and I am in control.

My pain is great; but it means I’m alive!

Took 34 years, but I finally arrived;

To my inner being. She is screaming the answer!

Okay. It’s so beautiful. I will share. The answer is…………………




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