Modern myth☆

Jesus says eat this, in remembrance of my body ,does that mean he’s a cannibal?

I like to pick dandruff out of my cat’s fur does that mean I’m more like an ape ,an animal?

Did the magical unicorns once exist? Only in the Bible they pretended and wrote;

They were too embarrassed to put ,that ,only the male happened to get on the boat.

Through carbon dating ,and Science, and the Bible; we know that the pyramids were created by the Pharaohs.

Around us and above us ,aliens are laughing. For they invented the Bible and why science tests carbon instead of hydrogen who the hell knows?!

While Albert Einstein was taking molecules and atoms he was a twirling,

A brilliant genius came out of Binghamton named Rod Serling.

Like the author, Jules Verne ,he knew of things to come; before his birth.

Also like mr. Vern mr. Sterling was not of this Earth.

The only real thing man has going for him; is creativity, curiosity, and art.

Is it only this poet ,who has noticed ,if you rearrange the letters in Earth you get heart?

When it comes down to it you don’t know what is the lie and what is true.

Even history lies. The future I leave up to you.

In the future what will they remember of the poet ,Laurelin O’Brien.

Like a great Pharaoh I hope I leave a giant statue of my face with the body of a lion.

Peace and love Laurelin