I was me

If I Want to Be Free should I stop being me?

Dependent upon others and a total pain in the ass you see.

If I want to be hard should I start living simple?

 maybe I should go to a church or a temple. 

If I want to be me should I stop being I?

Maybe I should tell the truth to live with the lie.

My brain doesn’t think straight and it often does roam. 

So much so I’m having trouble writing this poem.

I know right from wrong but not my up from down.

Paranoid and manic my smile is a frown.

If I want to be you  could we try it for a day?

I would probably hate it most would say.

I have no idea what the hell is going on.

I might be right I might be wrong.

If I was me I’d want to be I through-and-through

The more I think about it you should want to be You too.