Who’s eyes?

You see yellow. I see gold.

You see young. I see old.

You see me. I see thee.

You like what you see. For I am a tree.

Laurelin. The tree that brings light.

To Middle-earth. I shine so bright.

We all see what we want to see.

I don’t need to see you. I want to see me.

Rose-tinted glasses to hide my sight.

My gold leaves just shine too bright.

I see the world so different from thee.

I choose to only see my reality.

 I don’t like change. I hate to be surprised.

I don’t believe media. I believe my eyes.

When you look at me what do you see?

A handicapped cripple. But that is not me.

My legs don’t work but my wings can fly.

That may be the difference between you and I.

You have to look down and I have to look up to see you.

While I sit in this wheelchair ,my wings Flew Over You, true.

My thoughts are above my body stays below. 

If only if only you knew what I know.

If only if only we could see through each other’s eyes

No war. No famine. No children that dies.

I guess in a way though you do see what I see.

You see through my eyes every time you read my poetry

 peace and love Laurelin O’Brien