Sometimes insomnia isn’t so bad

You are very creative ,yet at the same time you feel you’re going mad

So many thoughts race through your head.

I always want to watch the sun come up when this happens to me.

I do not have a window on my north wall.

The east side is a hill that goes up to Route 26 and is very tall

So I’ve never seen a sunrise in the last few years.

I want to see that yellow and orange and red come up it ,almost brings me to tears.

I have no Window West for that would be the house.

Up so late my cat’s asleep and doesn’t even want to play toy mouse

So this is insomnia. Just waiting for my husband to wake for the day.

My daughter’s at her first sleepover and I’m sure they stayed up late to play.

I stayed up too. But I had no Playmates just me and my website.

But you know what ,once in awhile it’s really all right.

You got to watch the world come a new.

What will the day bring? Hopefully a smile or two.

So good morning my friends and Good Morning American friends.

I send you blessings ,and I hope you have a great day .and if you need help there’s a hand that lends.

No matter how you feel about the government it’s still My Country Tis of Thee,

Sweet land of liberty.

We are so lucky to live where we do.

So have a great day and good morning to you!