I have Spirit yes I do I have Spirit how about you?

Yes I was a cheerleader even Captain one year

Unlike most, I absolutely loved High School and was invincible with no fear

I long ago realized that feeling sorry for myself and crying does no good

I need to cheer for me I really should.

So everyday I wake up with spirit and high hopes

I have really bad days but I never let my spirit slop

Everyday I Cry For Humanity..

 and people dying and people hungry

I do try to help others when I can.

But it’s hard when you hate your government are sad about the world and hate quote’ the man’

But I got Spirit yes I do. I got Spirit how about you?

I could sit home alone. Be depressed. I deserve it it’s true

But instead I wake up every morning like it’s Christmas morning with my beautiful kid.

On this day ,We smile more and we are kind and generous and charitable and all evil we want to rid

Why can’t we have this Christmas spirit every day?

We are just better people than, I must truly say.

Or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or the winter equinox that feeling we all get.

You can’t even describe it. But it’s a feeling you never forget.

When you have the spirit, you love everyone your true family ,Humanity.

There will one day be peace on Earth. It is our destiny.

I may be an extremely disabled woman. Mom who has trouble and feels bad she can’t be a good housewife

But everyday I wake up with the spirit and a smile because I lived another day of life

Have the spirit all day. Make eye contact. The littlest thi0ng can make your day better with a smile

Pass it on. Have the Christmas spirit.  .And I ask one wish of you.. get off your cell phones give a smile and chat for a while