The death of a community

I just went on Facebook quick to check my event 

Randomly saw a post that my friend Pat sent.

He just helping to Save a Life today.

Coincidence or fate some might say

For a long time we have both been in the Rave scene I am a raver and he is a DJ

But after over a decade me and him and my friends grew up, and ceetain chemicals we stay away

Unfortunately this gives a bad name to ravers and EDM

We just love life and express it through music and dance not heroin

I wish there was something that I could do to help get through to all of you

This shit has killed my friends and probably more especially here it’s true

Binghamton is a drug hub. From NYC you must go through Binghamton

That certainly does not help the state or Community we live in  

It is time to police ourselves and our neighbors do you know both of yours?

If not you should go over and knock on both of their doors

Say Hello, nice to meet you ,I just wanted to say hi I’m your neighbor

Knock on my door if you ever need a small favor.

This is not only polite but you got to know

A sense of the person ;with out  the truth you have to show,

That you want to see if you live next to a druggie or predator or a creep.

But you will never know, if you don’t do   the neighborhood sweep.

I know all my neighbors every single one.

But I am lucky to be in Vestal, my time in Binghamton is done.

Binghamton it shall always be my home

Please brothers and sisters of my community unite! We cannot fight it alone.

I am not kidding my best friend Justin just stopped by.

He could not stay long because his cousin is in his car High

Talk to him earlier he was at mechanics said he would stop by soon

I was in the middle of writing this poem and he stops with Doom and Gloom

We play Magic the Gathering Together it is a card game

He stopped to say I can’t play because of my cousin and it was a shame

I said what is your cousin on? Can I help? Give me a call.

He replied what do you think she’s on? I bet you can all guess that is all.

What are the chances he would stop while I write this poem?

This shit is killing us! Please help with me! We cannot fight this death drug alone

Peace and love Laurelin.

This is a picture of my friend Pat and I who helped save the life yesterday.