Lost love

Who the f*** do you think you are?

You certainly are not a shining star.

You still are ,the apple of my eye.

I try not to think of you. For when I do I cry.

I miss fixing you dinner. Hugging you and kissing you hello.

Why you left me I will never know.

Now the winter brings sadness ,along with snow.

Should I replace you? Could stronger feelings ever possibly grow?

When I met you it was like meant to be and such a surprise!

You have the same deep green, emerald, sparkling like mine, eyes

I tried to replace you and I felt like a jerk.

It was unfair to the new guy and it did not work.

No one will ever replace you my friend.

I will see you again when this life does end.

Some things you can’t replace. And that is just that.

I miss you so much my wonderful Lily cat.

Peace and love


She would love to eat these groups of swans. I think of her every time I see them. Yum