A Love Story 

I Loved you before I met you.

When you were just a dream.

Who would have known, it’d come true
I thought things would stay as they seem,

How Was I to know I met you at age 5?

The Band Geek and the popular cheerleader

Every grade together. Indifferent cliques  though, we strive

Both Went to college a few miles apart.

The role-playing man ,party girl on drugs 

Total opposites and he stole my heart.

I dated many. He gave out few hugs.

For 10 years her life was pretty crazy

For 10 years he lived in information technology

Then she sobered up accepted her disease and stopped being lazy 

Maybe it was fate. A coincidence or numerology

We met at age 5 got married at age 30.

He is my best friend, my confidant always takes care of me.

Our lives, our child, is pure.so perfect dirty.

He And I were meant to be.

An Absolute true love story.

Peace and love Laurelin