Don’t you know how beautiful you are?

You shine like a bright beautiful star.

Take off your clothes. Your makeup. Get totally bare

Then look in the mirror and give your beauty a stare.

There is no one else that looks quite like you.

you are so unique! Trust me it’s true.

You are not too fat or thin and your hair is just fine.

ASometimes I have trouble seeing the beauty that is mine.

We all look at the famous. Others Beauty and compare.

Us to them. Are you not aware?.

Believe it or not they have problems just like you.

Money or no money they do as we do.

, they look in the mirror and see in Perfections just the same

Everyone has issues. And their beauty they should claim

You can’t love someone else until you love yourself so love your body it is the only one you get.

SoqZ love your imperfections and never worry or fret

There is a whole lot of love in the world and it awaits you only if you dare

To accept yourself. Even your imperfections. Love is found when you are totally bare