The Grass Is Always Greener, on my side.

She is so pretty, wish I looked like that.

Everyone loves her. The party is where she’s at.

She has a great job. She got all the right degrees.

Everything comes to her with the greatest of ease.

10 years went by, I assumed she did well.

But as the years go by, one never can tell.

The bridge between us burned long ago.

So what has become of her, I really don’t know.

Life is hard. Have MS. No longer teach at all.

I I am always alone and feeling quite small.

So jealous of that pretty girl with her working legs!

Damn it, even a pirate got to have pegs!

This jealousy once killed me. That evil monster of green.

I judge a book by its cover. Without the pages being seen.

I just assumed that her life is best.

Even if it is oh, it’s not my place to judge or test

I have love, friends, family, food and shelter do I really need more?

I won’t look over in her yard. Only mine will I explore

Even though throughout the years it was she that I hate.

Even now I cannot lie, I hope she’s not doing great!

And if she is, God bless her. Jealousy and judgement is not my place.

We must love each other. The human race.

So I am done asking myself why me and not you?

Instead I will see if there’s something I can do.

Sometimes we all need to just swallow our pride.

And know that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Emotions are not real. Let go of what you felt.

Just be happy with the cards you are dealt.