Mary Jane, parental discretion advised under 18 ask Mom and Dad to read this

There’s a new show on MTV coming out on titled Mary Jane. about two young girls selling marijuana. This shows times have changed. z average viewer that watches MTV is probably around 14 or 15 years old. Fmtv and television broadcasting is starting to accept marijuana as a recreational drugs such as alcohol. I do not understand why it is such a problem to prescribe it medicinally. I will tell you what it is pharmaceutical company. It is the same reason doctors don’t know how to treat me or wanted to take me on after I get stem cells. Because they don’t want to see you trying to get a better quality of life without being addicted to pills. I can’t imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars they would lose if I go off of all of my medications if stem cells work. It is insane we need to stop having this country run on pharmaceutical companies. Why do we think the heroin and opiate epidemic is so bad in our state and communities are! They are the oxys &;that oxys are on the street and killing your children. Legal heroin which only makes people turn to a legal heroin when they can’t get their oxys . Well I am going to try to stop the problem at least in my own body. They’re not going to make so much money on me anymore. Legalize marijuana medicinally and actually allow us to get it prescribed . they end up on the street unfortunately and it is your fault it is your fault fix it federal government stop taking money from the pharmaceutical companies.