The Hardest Job

This war seems never ending. I’m not even sure how I got here.

The company and I landed on Christmas, I heard said.

Guess it was a sneak attack.Show no mercy.Show no fear!

Been here 6 months. Three are missing. Five are dead.

Saw my friend’s arms torn off. Someone’s head too.

The mission named “cobra”. Who knows. Who cares.

Wish I was home. There I’m still shinny and new!

Had a girl named,Suzy. On the side;Barb, with soft blond hairs.

Bet she’s cheating with Ken now. Yeah, bet we are through.

Hiding now. In a giant tin box.

Why I was put here;I’ll never know.

Last week we hid behind cold giant rocks!

Yeah. There’s is no job tougher than being G. I. Joe.

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