Lady in Red

“Lady in Red is Dancing with me. Cheek to cheek.

Nobody’s here. It’s just you and me.”

The rest of the world just stops. When I am with you.

I love how you fix your red lipstick. After every single kiss is through.

I love the smell of your perfume.

How it lingers in the sheets of my room.

Every night to bed you wear red satin.

You stare at me longingly, as I read poetry to you in Latin.

I lit the bedroom with candles for you, my lady in red.

One candle I placed too close to the bed.

It touched your delicate skin, and you melt before my eyes!

Now I have to buy another one. Who will she be? A new surprise ..

The new doll ,I’ll call lady in pink. I Loved You ,but you faded, my Lady in Red.

Our time together was so very special. But now ,by one candle ,you are dead.