My cardiac arrest when I was 38, left me many things to contemplate. I died for 10 minutes but it could have been forever. But my words live on here no matter what you weather and if I had not woken from life support, my words would still be here. That means my name is eternal. My poetry lives on. A friend told me today, that as long as someone remembers your name, you are still alive. So I hope that my name will be remembered. Is not that the real reason we all right here? Because a piece of you hopes to be remembered? Of course, some of us hope to get published. Some of us are making money off our blog. Every year I wonder if I should keep paying my dues to own my domain. But I don’t want anyone else to own my name. It is mine. And it comforts me to know when this Mortal coil is gone, that my name lives on. It is always forever up there in the cloud. We are immortal.


A friend told me today, as long as someone is still talking about you, you are a live.

How Will I Be Remembered? I will be remembered here. Here is where I strive.

I had a cardiac arrest and died at 38. But I own this domain, and I live on with each letter.

My poems are here to share. My stories and blogs live on. In any type of weather

So I will live on forever. As long as you are here to hear me. I will be here, when this life is through

I hope in this life you find something to make you eternal. This Mortal coil is temporal, but the pen and paper will never fail you.


So much despair, in the air

So much Despair, in the air,

All is fair, but I don’t care

there is so much damn despair

It is not just a sad affair,

It is everything happening out there!

There is so much despair, in the air

Everywhere. even in your lair.

sad affair, when you care.

Love too much 4 those out there

There is so much despair in the air!

It is thick.

It is suffocating.

Tears everyday.

For there is so much despair, in the air.

I cannot win. I cannot try.

So every day, I sit and cry.

I cry for me, I cried for you,

I cry some more, when I am through.

I try not to just sit and stare.

I try to remember, how not to care.

Even that is hard, and it’s just not fair!

That there’s so much despair in the air.


Our great nation is divided. Divided more than ever before. We are in a silent Civil War. We are more divided now, then the north was from the south. We are more divided now, then we were during the Great Depression. We were divided by rich and poverty, but we still had hope. During the Civil War, the North and South were divided okay, but we still had hope. I do not see any hope right now in our great nation.

Right now we are divided by party lines. Republicans see Democrats as the enemy. Democrats see Republicans as the enemy. We once were simply opponents. Now we are enemies. We have lost sight of the fact that we are all American. The division we have in this silence Civil War is only getting worse. I do not know how we can fix this. I do not know how we can rise above. We, as a nation, are failing.

My daughter is 9 years old and she hates Donald Trump. She hates him because her parents hate him. I am trying to instill in her to think for herself, to never let her opinion be based on the opinions of others. At the same time, I sure as shit don’t want her to be Republican. So am I practicing what I preach? I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. How does one become totally bipartisan? When I am so left wing and I cannot justify seeing anything good in being right wing. Yet, I know it is my duty to love all Americans. We need to respect each other. We need to love each other. We need to put an end to this silent Civil War.

This year is a year of presidential election. It is a year in which no Republican is going to swing sides and vice a versa. All I can do is hope. A word that has never been more important than it is now. Hope that our great nation can come together. Hope that this silent Civil War won’t get too bloody. Hope that we can come as a nation, vote for the person. Vote for the person and not the party. We all talk a good talk, even me, but do any of us actually do what we say? I vow and I promise to vote for the person. Not the party. .. But I’m still left wing until the day I die

Be kind

It is the season for love and light.

Democrat or republican it will be alright!

You can do anything in life that you want to achieve.

Just be kind about what you believe.

There are foods I don’t like, like mayonnaise and bulgur.

If you would like them I’m certainly not going to be vulgar!

We forget that we are also lucky to live here.

If you disagree, Let It Be. But don’t spread the fear?!

If you say something not nice, just hit rewind.

You will get better results if you would just be kind!

I have multiple sclerosis and I died at 38.

I don’t have time for this shit, for life is short and just great!

It is Christmas time, let us try to be nice.

Be kind. For cruelty won’t make you think twice.

No matter your party, don’t live in the Hysteria.

Be kind, my friends. And God bless America!