Florida chickens

There are two things in this world that I hate. Florida. And chickens.

My whole life I have hated chickens. This started when I was a small child in Tennessee. I got the chicken pox. I was like two and a half or three, but I remember it vividly. I swore to my parents that it was my neighbors fault. His name was Will. And he had chickens. And I was sure that I got chicken pox from those chickens. Later we moved to New York. My stepfather had chickens. One of them was a very mean rooster. He tormented me. I could not play on my swing set without that rooster chasing me! I even still have a scar on my thumb from that damn chicken. So now I have absolutely no problem eating chickens. When I lived in Hawaii chickens roamed free everywhere. They also tormented me. I hate chickens.

Now my hatred of Florida did not start until my teens. I have multiple sclerosis and Florida’s weather and humidity is terrible! The last time I was in Florida was for my brother’s wedding, I swore I’d never come back. And I never have. My daughter was three and we took her to Disney World, the humidity almost killed me! I hate Florida weather. I will not retire in Florida. Why all these elderly people want to move there is beyond me! They so can’t decide if they’re a red state or a blue State. They are very indecisive. Right now every state is fighting for ventilators and Florida has as many as they want! This is because the governor of Florida is very buddy-buddy with the president. Not to mention they seem to screw up every federal election. How many times do you hear that Florida has to do a recount!? Now we have all these stupid Spring Breakers on the beaches of Florida going home and spreading the covid-19 virus to their family. Florida beaches are still open. They do not seem to have the smartest state government. Needless to say, I am not a fan of Florida.

So this leaves me with one decisive decision. All living chicken should live in Florida. They are only allowed to leave if they are about to be cooked and put in my belly.

If you live in Florida, I am sorry. If you are a chicken, I’m even more sorry… Sorry that I haven’t eaten you yet.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

At a time when the country seems lost and in despair, there is hope everywhere. There is a couple in Upstate New York, that is putting their 3D printers to use. They are creating faceplate masks. They gave them to a local hospital, and the word spread that they can do that, and other hospitals in other states are requesting them. There is nothing more beautiful than people helping each other. Medical supplies are in short demand, and this wonderful couple did not despair. They put their heads together and said, we can do this!

There are numerous alcohol distilleries around the country making hand sanitizer. One company is giving away hand sanitizer with every alcohol order. These are just average people. The love across our country is astounding.

When I went on SSD, disability, I could have gone on SSI. I did not legally change my last name to my husband’s name, and when I call to report the birth of my daughter and my marriage, the Social Security speaker asked me if I was sure I wanted to report these things.? By reporting my marriage, I was now not eligible for SSI. I could have not reported it. I could have gotten money for free from my government. But I did not. I know that somewhere there are children and people that need that money more than me. It would be nice to have that income, but I do not need it. My family does just fine on my husband’s income in my small disability check. Taking that money would be scamming so many Americans. I know this is in no way comparable to things that people are doing for this country. But when JFK said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country I do not think he knew of the Revolution those words began.

Today we are all faced with the same enemy. It is not an enemy of religion. It is not an enemy of different cultures. It is a virus. An enemy that all of us are not used to battling. We must take care of each other. Leave a little toilet paper for your neighbor. Buy food for your elderly neighbor. Say hello to your neighbor as you are social distancing. We will get through this. We are all together. In these times of strife, remember those words of John F Kennedy. No matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, remember that we are all American! There is no place for politics right now. There is only room for love. Thank you all, my fellow Americans. I am so very proud of my country. Just look at the love everywhere, from sea to shining sea.

My cup runneth over.

Even when it’s just liquid I swing to the left. And I find that nothing changes but change itself.

I Ponder if I make the right decision by wiping the liquid to the left of the table. But it feels right. It feels like the beginning of a revolution.

Why are we so afraid today of a revolution? It seemed to go pretty well for the American Revolution. But today the word revolution scares people. When FDR invented Social Security, people thought it was revolutionary and scary. But it ended up being one of the greatest thing this country has to offer. Everything good in this world starts with a revolution. The question is, will we be brave enough to start the revolution?

So yes, my cup runneth over and I wipe the liquid to the left. It won’t start a revolution, but maybe my metaphor will.

My cup runneth over

I had a cup, sitting in the middle of a table. My cup runneth over. Do you think the liquid in the cup went to the left or the right? The funny thing is, is it’s all piled up in the middle.

Now I am a child of the left wing. I am very liberal. I am very radical. I want a revolution. But the liquid in My Cup seems to have a different mentality. My gut instinct is to force of the liquid to the left side of the table. But I did not do this. I just let nature take over. And nature let the liquid hover in the middle of the table.

Perhaps I am putting too much into my liberal ways. Just because I swing to the left, doesn’t mean my cup is going to. Nature has a plan of its own.

If all of us decided in November not to vote, what do you think would happen? Would it be Anarchy? Or what our government continue to function? I have a feeling that nature would take over. No matter what I do, things seem to balance themselves out.

So my cup runneth over and it all collected in the middle. No one was looking. No one was watching. So you guessed it, I wiped that liquid to the left side of the table. And I do not feel bad about it.