So I’m not allowed to talk about Florida politics without registering with Florida? Well I’m certainly going to blog about it and see what happens lol

We don’t care if you run for president, governor of florida. But your wackadoodle laws down there will not work for the country. I’m sorry, not sorry. You’re wackadoodle don’t say gay bill. I know you’re not saying you can’t say gay, but you’re basically saying you can’t say gay! And you’re going to b a n abortion across the country, I don’t think so.

I am a school teacher. I could get a job right now in Florida if I wanted to. But what teacher wants to work down there? Too many rules. It’s really scary. They’re education system is failing. Teachers don’t even want to work in that state. But okay he’ll be a great president LOL

That’s good I guess I’m done, I just want to see what will happen. Cuz I’m not supposed to blog about Florida politics. I’m guessing nothing will happen!

The most important election

I thought 2020 would be the most important election. Seemed like it at the time. Got rid of authoritarian rule. Democracy was back. But is it?

2022 was an important midterm I suppose. I am 42 and I got to tell you it’s starting to feel like the same old same old. Voting was very important to me. I don’t know if it is anymore. Because, there is no politician I am in love with.

You see I was really behind Bernie sanders. It was nice to have a politician I was in love with. Love his ideals. I didn’t understand why everyone else didn’t see what I saw. But that’s democracy isn’t it? Sometimes the best guy doesn’t win.

I always used to say dust yourself off get back up and then 4 years try again. But now Bernie is gone. And I feel he really cared about the working class. Who is going to fight for the middle class now? Why am I voting? It’s all the same. Republican democrat, it’s all about power.

I don’t mean to be so negative but I’m a little disillusioned by the whole process. Does my voice really matter? Does anyone even read my blogs? Or does all of my mindless thought go out into the void and sit there?

I want to give you some positivity. I want to tell you you can make a difference! I want to tell you one voice matters. But have you seen what’s going on in Israel? That earthquake and turkey and syria? That train derailment in ohio? Chemical spills, animals and fish and plant life dying. How can my one voice make a difference? I am starting to realize that I can’t. And I used to think I could. Reality sucks when it crashes in on you.

So I have decided I will vote again in the most important election. When do you think that will be? 2032? 2024? What if we go with 2062? Sounds like a good number! It’s all the same. Vote, repeat. Vote, repeat. When does my vote make a difference?

Sorry my blog is a little negative today. But I’m disillusioned with voting, government, the world, just about everything. It’s all getting to me. So I will leave you with this. A little piece of positivity, I miss you bernie. I tried, I really tried to get you as our leader. I’m sorry. We will look to the younger generation to help the working class. I won’t give up. I can’t give up. The middle class needs me. Before they disappear, I will vote for them.

Bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way

I broke a bone in my leg. But if you’re going to break a bone in your leg, I broke the best one, the fibula. The little bone behind your knee. It hurts like a mother fucker. But I’ll survive. I’m probably get very dirty. But I’ll survive. I have multiple sclerosis. It sucks. It’s pretty bad. I was diagnosed on my 18th birthday, luckily I have always had an awesome support team. And now my husband is the best. Feeds me. Gives me medicine. Water. Life. Bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way!

So I lie here disabled not only with multiple sclerosis but a broken leg, and I have my husband here to help me, working from home. My husband said I’m just unlucky. I got herpes in sixth grade from my best friend, and it went dormant for years. At age 38, I had a g I bleed. Somewheres they don’t know where in my body. I bled out, did not have enough blood for my heart to pump, and Bam! Blood transfusions, life support for 6 days, woke up. You know that herpes that I got in sixth grade, it woke up also. It was munching on my brain. Had a day where I spoke gibberish, they thought again I was not right. Alive now, but not right

. Well wouldn’t you know it, my brain just needed to reboot and I needed to go home, not being a nursing home or a hospital but home. And my brain rebooted! But I’m still with disabled, with multiple sclerosis, can’t walk, feed myself, bathe myself, w r i t e, but I have help. I have a 12-year-old daughter. She has never seen me walk. I became very ill when she was a baby. But at least I had her, I was not supposed to have children. She is a miracle and I feel so terrible I could not bake cookies with her, or do the things other mothers can do. Because bad shit happens to me in the luckiest way.

I am so lucky to have a daughter. Lucky to have a family. Lucky to be alive! So all this crazy bad shit keeps happening to me. But I am such a lucky girl. And it could always be worse. But yes bad shit happens to me everyday. In the luckiest way!

Merry Christmas

This is my Christmas blog. Be kind to each other please and Merry Christmas!

Christmas time usually always makes me think about God and Jesus. When I was a kid I would pray really hard on Christmas for Santa to bring me good presents. And happy birthday to Jesus. Only to learn later that he was born not in the winter time.

I remember thinking everyone is nice on Christmas, and goes back to being an asshole the next day. Christmas is this one special day. Then you grow up get married have your own children.

And it’s beautiful. It’s cyclic. It’s a nice way to bring in the solstice. Light is coming back! And it is glorious.

So on this Christmas Day I am thinking about light! Where did this glorious thing come from? The Big Bang just does not make sense to me. So I dug a little further into it.

Turns out that many now believe that our universe is inside a giant black hole. And this would explain how our universe is in constant expansion. It’s a big damn black hole . For the black hole is always sucking in other universes. And this big black hole has to be inside one big damn universe. It goes on and on. It hurts my brain.

So it makes sense in this consideration that there is no such thing as a singular big bang. And we are all just mere mortals with me in this complex experience we call life. Always thinking. Even on Christmas 🎄

Peace and love, l a u r e l i n

Today’s ruling on Roe v Wade

I am a 14 year old from Texas. I am not special. But I am alone.

No one to talk to, except my boyfriend on the phone.

He doesn’t understand what I am going through.

We had our fun and all, but now what do I do?

I can’t even drive a car.

And this will leave me a permanent scar.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that party last week.

But I am a kid. Now a termination I must seek.

I am so ashamed. And no one will know

How many have been here I doubt I’m the only one so….

What makes you think you know what’s best for me?

I wanted a career, to go to college you see.

Now my dreams are shattered. And this feels so wrong.

They say it’s your own fault. Be tough. Be strong.

My life is over. Am I feel like this is all bulshit!

People make mistakes. Usually their dreams they don’t have to quit.

I guess this is America now. Not the country I learned in school.

Boys get to keep their dreams. But not girls. That’s not cool!

So now my body is not my own. Neither is yours. Girls have no power.

We need to get together, girls, stop this madness this hour.

Looks like it’s over for me. But there’s hope still for you.

Don’t let them control your body too.

I wish I wish I had never met that boy.

Screw all the men, ladies, buy yourself a nice toy