The truth in advertising ☆

If you change to Sprint get two iPhone 7s for free!

Only cost an extra $15 a month who use one of thee.

60 day you can try our send back guarantee!

There’s a $5 used cost. And you must pay the shipping fee.

It is made from the sugar plant that is so neat!

But it  has an aftertaste, and is too sweet.

The Statue of Liberty is in the background. buy Liberty Mutual insurance today!

Read the small print at the bottom. Not available in New York state it will say.

I refuse to watch commercials and my husband hates that you know?

Because I never actually watch an entire show.

I flip it around when a commercial comes on,see.

It is very annoying to watch television with me.

But I refuse to try to be brainwashed ;I see through it, and I hate, 

To be told what to buy with lies. It is truth that I celebrate!

So I choose to write poetry short stories and take a look,

At This amazing thing, it is called a book!

I know they have to make money, stations by putting in that ad.

What happened to truth and advertising? It doesn’t exist and that’s sad.

It could be the news. Every reality television show. A new clothing fad.

Time to think for yourself. Then when someone else has the same shoes as you, won’t get mad!

Material possessions are just things you have and have had.

Let’s think for ourselves. Would that really be so bad?

Peace and love Laurelin