I am always in this house and I want out!

Where you ask? Anywheres ,I Scream & Shout

Popular Cafe had poetry last night.

I did not go as I do not feel right.

This place called ,Doc concrescents, made me lose sight;

I lost who I am. What I am supposed to be. I lost my voice ,and it is not loud.

Pride is not one of my seven deadly sins. And I do not feel proud.

It is nice to have no deadline set on me.

I don’t like a Time placed upon thee.

It doesn’t matter the time of day I want to share my poetry.

That’s why, a poetry site is just a better place for you to see,

My  thoughts. My hopes and dreams ,and desires.

Honestly, I noticed that at poetry slam there are lots of liars.

I guess I should like more being with others

All about Humanity.. And we should love each other.

The problem is not that I think I’m the best.

The problem is I want total control over the rest.

I’ve got it- I should have them here ,I am being dumb.

Now the problem is ,would anyone come?

Peace and love Laurelin🌻