Red velvet

Red velvet is such a Beautiful phrase.

 I Picture the Scarlett O’Hara days.

Her standing there in a Luscious red gown,

Waiting for a court, and a night on the town.

That fuzzy feeling of the fabric on your cheek. 

And under that heavy  gown, you want to take a peek;

To see if she wears pantaloons, a garter, or underwear.

Who knows what beauty awaits under there.

Red velvet. It just rolls off the tongue.

Like the expectation of your favorite song about to Be Sung.

Red velvet. You think of beauty and Grace.

Of a better time. A better life. Better place.

Roses are red. Red velvet is too.

Passion and love. The choice is up to you.

Red velvet. I just cannot wait!

My soul will starve at this rate.

Finally! Done with the bake.

 I Really wanted that piece of cake.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to cook as I dream.

A phrase is not always as it would seem.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻