Home (written today July 26th)

A dwelling. A comfortable place.

A room. Your very own space.

I’ve had many homes,more than I can count.

But geography is not what home is about.

A place of safety,place of peace.

A place where differences cease;

Cease to matter, with out any a care.

No care of worry,for your home is there.

Love is here. Empathy.Sympathy too.

Home is there no matter what you do!

In my 34 years, I firmly now know;

where home is.Where this woman will grow.

May take 34 years,maybe less,I can be slow,

For many a year my homes’ were buried low.

Deep in the muck of my own self pity.

Though,thought home was great; It was dark and gritty.

Alone in my thought.Addictions, and pride.

Never knowing the real me inside.

Home was simply the place where I crashed.

One day I awoke and I saw at last!

Home had never been where I hung my hat.

Home was always where my family is at.

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