We are not there yet.☆

We started fixing the ozone layer only for it once more to be in more lack

Fracking is destroying soil and the environment is under attack

So many people say that they want to quote’ go green.’

Just cuz you buy a hybrid and compost, is not truly caring, it would seem.

Some old man brought up children to think; if they destroy themselves and others they will get virgins in heaven.

They are not terrorist but people brainwashed. The sad thing is ,no one sticks up when they see something like a drug deal in front of the 7-Eleven.

My point is we don’t pay attention to each other enough. Not looking at the bad, by seeing positivity and Trust.

 always say hi to your neighbor. Help old ladies carry groceries and if you must,

Defend the First Amendment only when it is important and true.

Until corruption and lies stop this is up to you.

LBgt community ,race, and sexuality we are slowly getting there.

We are so close Humanity. Nature doesn’t see boundaries, or countries, or Providence, or state.

Stop using slang words towards people like n word and cracker, you just sound like a fool.

No I do not mean n**** when it’s used poetically then it’s okay and cool

Humanity decided to unite tonight.

SEE  why Humanity IS here tonight.

All of  you have just by being here.

We are not there yet but it’s plainly clear.

We will take the city back ,my dear.

Recycle your cans and bottles of beer.

Humanity unite. Screw number 45.

The Paris peace Accord is alive

We are still quite a mess and there’s a lot to be done.

It’s time to love each other and protect the Third Rock From the Sun.

Peace and love Laurelin

To be read out loud