Be who you are 

I had a friend who married A man 

A year after meeting Jules; and she did all she can;

To pretend she only likes boys. And she lost her Direction.

The truth why she did not like girls but the affection and attention.

So she really was not part of the LBGT

She just like attention from someone else, you see.

I do not know what is worse. A liar or a fraud.

To make matters worse. She believes in goddess and in God.

Even that she fails at and tries to be Wiccan.

No she does not know nature. Nor a single Wiccan tradition.

She’s protective of animals, yet, she eats and looks like a cow.

She will call you the devil for going to KFC but will go to Wendy’s and spend $20 to chow on a cow.

At least I always stay true to my conviction

I will kill one. Pluck the feathers of 1, and boil that damn chicken.

Part of my family are vegans and they do not eat meat.

But they do not lie and steal,eat cheese and are not full of Deceit.

I once knew a girl who married a man.

I helped  to pay for her bridal shower. Bought made her wedding photo album, and lent a hand.

She used to visit me and pretend to be my friend.

But she really always wanted something from me in the end.

She talked a lot of shit about me to my best friend now.

I live on my floor I sit and piss in a pot and I ask myself why and how?

Because I did not see who she really was.

I saw her as beautiful at 300-pound as a true friend does.

I can’t be so trusting. Not everyone is me.

I speak the truth and I trust what I hear and see.

Then again she is only a hundred to one.

The 99 of us just Roll Along like the Moon and the Sun.

 good will always Triumph evil. Evil will just sleep in sometimes.

Instead of seeking Revenge just sit down like me and write some rhymes.

I feel better already. And I didn’t reveal her name.

It does not matter Valeri will always be the same.

Opps! I guess I screwed up doesn’t matter you don’t follow me.

But even if you do I’ll say it to your face. Be who you are supposed to be.

Peace and love Laurelin 

Real friends

These are all some of my real true friends from years ago. That were all at my benefit to help me get stem cells and save my life. And every single one of them is who they are supposed to be.