Fact in the late sixties early seventies a religious fundamentalist group Rose against the government in Afghanistan.

Fact. During the Cold War the United States saw this as its entry into fighting the Communists by joining the group and supplying weapons and financing

Fact. This group asked for help from the Saudi Arabians expecting them to send a prince but instead they sent the next best thing a man named Osama bin Laden.

Fact. While America was still financially helping this group, it changed its name to Al-Qaeda. as poppy flower farmers we’re realizing how valuable their flowers were. The Afghanistan government put a tariff on all poppy seed farmers. The United States seizing the opportunity put the same tariffs on the poppy seed Farmers on their side of the civil war in Afghanistan.

Fact. The civil war in Afghanistan is now a war on control of the poppy seed farmers and a religious war and a war on the government.

Fact.. the cold war ends in the late 1980s leaving the United States not interested in Afghanistan anymore, after supplying Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda with weapons and money for over a decade.

Fact. The Taliban & Al Qaeda and Isis ,creates what we now call our greatest fear in the world ,terrorism. The United States is at war with a drug we helped to create, causing death to our citizens called heroin, made from the poppy seed. Afghanistan is still at War and it is still a civil war that kills hundreds of children a day ;and America and the rest of the world seems to have forgotten about them.

Fact. The creation and demand of heroin can all be linked back to the United States of America. The war on terrorism can all be linked back to the United States of America. The deaths of thousands upon thousands in Afghanistan in a civil war that even the Afghans aren’t sure what is really about ,can all be linked back to the United States of America.

Fact. Most Americans do not know this about their own country and government but those reading this now do. That is what we do in the United States of America and then sweep it under the rug.

Fact. Half the people reading this will not vote in the next local or even Federal vote. And if they do, they will not learn about the person they will vote party lines.

Fact. I hope you’re now after reading this  I have changed some of your minds about party lines or voting or just,  your government in general. Be a true humanitarian and remember those that are still dying in Afghanistan and all over the world.

Peace and love Laurelin