‘Tis the Season

If I did offend, I will try to amend.

Not with you;with that I am through.

I will to God, (though some find that odd.)

I’m deeply religious. (though, it’s no one’s business.)

I can be meek.(often confused with weak.)

I am not. Truth I sought;

You may have a different view. Maybe God just isn’t for you.

That,my friend, is totally okay! Don’t believe anything I say.

Believe what you feel in your heart. Just don’t tear my religion apart!

I will never say yours is wrong. I just happen to sing a different song.

Be a good person; whatever you do.

Whether Muslim.Wicca. Atheist. Jew.

I’m pretty sure it’s all the same higher power.

We all think of something in our final hour.

We all love, dream, make joy, feel pain.

We all want some meaning to life’s little game.

Is there a winner? Is the loser insane?

Maybe the winner is the God who will reign.

Honestly, I don’t care what you think.

Nor whom is the winner. Nor how religions link.

I know what I feel, and what I see. What I smell, what I be.

I be a Christian…that is just me.

And in closing; I leave you with this.

It’s my parting hug and gentle kiss-

“God is not in a building made of wood and stone.

Lift a stone;I am there.

Break a twig and you’ll find me.”

exert quoted from the dead sea scrolls.


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