Do you think I’m crazy?

If I believe in God, do you think I’m crazy?

If I don’t go to church, are my beliefs hazy?

If I don’t get circumcised, am I still a Jew?

If I won’t blow up a building in the name of Allah, do I still belong with you?

If I Believe In following numerology, was 9/11 a sign?

Will Buddha love me, if my chakras never aline?

If I don’t believe in God, do you think I’m crazy?

Or do you blame my environment ,family and friends being too lazy

If you were born in Iran, do you think you would be a Christian?

If you were born in Japan, do you think Judaism would be your tradition?

Have you ever really thought about ,why you are your religion?

Am I crazy because I wonder ,why people come to their decision?

Am I crazy to ask why all these religions and the lack thereof keep bitchin’?

God is Not on a hate mission.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

Don’t break the law and try to make your dreams come true.

I do not care if your deity is a frog.

Trust Me, Love Is Love, it’s all the same God

Peace and love Laurelin