Sometimes I feel invisible. People see me, but never SEE ME.

Sometimes I am miserable. People hear me, but never HEAR ME.

I must admit; I take a lot of shit. From doctors, family, no one and EVERYONE.

I must finally share…that I just don’t care!

And I will try…to live this lie. I wish no one mattered. But I love being flattered.

Maybe I’d feel alive, if I wish I could drive! Feel the wind on my face;but it hurts every place.

I can not escape like others do. When I feel blue;there’s nothing to do!

I just feel it. Am an emotional punching bag. But I am through!

It’s not my issue what happens to any of you!


I’m going out with a bang,not setting with the sun.

I’m going to have caring on the run. Narcissism is here and is lots of fun!

In narcissism I’m not invisible.  In anarchism my party’s always number one!

Join me in the bang! Screw the setting sun.


Narcissism and anarchy are lots of fun.


*dedicated to all the shit heads in my life.Especially you,the broken English pharmacist from Apalachin!


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