Do you like my hair?

I have these last two months or so.

My hair tells a story you ought to know.

This was my hair when I first went to Mexico

Usually pulled it back for treatment you know

Chemo and stem cell treatment took a lot out of me

Including my hair as you see

The results will be worth it and the pain will be done

So as long as I was bald I might as well have some fun

In New York it is so cold on my leg sits a cat

So cold  that I might wear a hat

Everyday something happens and is miraculous it’s true

Even if you don’t know what they’re even happening every day to you

I bought a wig cuz my daughter likes me with hair

But other than being cold, I truly don’t care

It’s amazing what can happen to you in a month-and-a-half

Love every second of it and when you don’t, just smile and laugh

We are so lucky to be here ,no matter what condition we’re in

I sit back in my wig and think of life with a grin☺

Peace and love Laurelin