Al-Qaeda ■

Terrorism is often on my mind.

 we can destroy Isis. There is no rewind.

All You can do, to stop the madness and the sadness,

Instead of hunting down the cell  ,you must teach the youth good things and gladness

Then young people won’t bomb us for a seat up in heaven.

Stop the brainwashing. Brainwash with love! Be Godly like the number 7

If you must write a poem about terrorism to stop the terror..

Use words often like ;Isis and Al Qaeda, ,and bomb throw off the scent .do not give the FBI a favor

Words have power ,bad words won’t stop evil. The FBI needs to spread love

Teach the Young that loving Thy Neighbor is really what is sent from above

If you want to stop brainwashing you must brainwash right back.

The FBI means well;  but they are just finding people like me, it is kindness they lack

We forget about love. Searching for words on a computer is just hack,

Go ahead and be a computer hacker you will not stop the terrorist attack.

Sometimes technology cannot help. We are too dependent upon it.

Love and compassion. The Amber’s are there. There is the fire that must be lit.

Love Thy Neighbor. Put up a great fight.

Come together ,brothers and sisters. Humanity Unite.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻