A conversation with me and my girlfriends

” look at him. He is hot!”

“Ugh, he has a braided beard he is not.”

” how about that cutie? He’s dressed dapper too!”

“Yuck. Star of David necklace,he is a Jew.”

“How about  the scary looking, missing tooth guy? he’s wearing a cross. Why don’t you date him.”

” that’s not funny. It’s just ,pickings are Slim! ”

” if you go by religion,   you might miss out on mr. Right.

” religion is making you blind and have no sight.”

” I am Catholic. God wants me to be with a Catholic too!”

” we are all creatures of  a higher power. And the same species. what’s wrong with you?”

” these are rules I made for me. who are you to tell me who I should and shouldn’t date?!”

” you know what? You were right. Who you date Is who you date.

You have every right for your choices and I was being irate”

Sometimes I am too humanitarian and I forget.

That this is America. You can hold hands with whoever you want, and watch the sunset.

Hopefully ,you’ll get to see years of  sunsets; I wish this for you

 I hope you’re holding hands with a true love;  that is true.