Paranoid ■

Did you hear that?

Did you see that?

You ‘re fucking with me, right? 

It’s right there! Have you lost your sight? 

Yes I took a pill..Nomatter what can’t chill.

Paranoia will destroy ya

Don’t look back. The Devil is on your back!

I think the world is under attack!

Or maybe neurons and synapses my brain lacks. 

No I cannot chill and I don’t want to take a pill!

When is the last time I smoked meth or crack?

It doesn’t matter it’s truly an attack!

I will be brave and open the door.

There is something there I still implore. 

Relax. It’s probably nothing.

I opened the door and my it is something!

Next time call if you want to stop by.

Okay. I have some issues I won’t lie

My brain is a mess I say with a sigh

Did you just here something try. .. ..

Peace and love Laurelin