Madness and creation

The world has gone mad! Mad I say!

Technology and science has come a long way.

A computer can beat  the best man at chess.

A scientist can grow on a mouse, a human breast.
The internet has connected all of mankind.

1 lost fingernail, or hair and a murderer, a scientist will find

Machines can grow food, make rain ,or snow.

Soon science and computers will bind them,you know.

The greatest machine on Earth is the living man.

Even the human brain we don’t understand.

We have cloned a sheep ,I’m sure we can clone a man.  

But creating the brain we still don’t understand.

Someday we will ;and that will be a scary day.

We will create them and set them aside for one day.

Hopefully, never to be  needed, but just in case they will say.

Left in a sleeping state. In darkness not a single Sun Ray.

Years later there’s an unfortunate War.

It destroys everything and Mankind is no more.

Evolution starts all over. And there’s life once more.

Something strange happens ,and the old capsules; they are still there…

Awake. But they are totally unaware., 

Of  who they are ,how to speak, or how they got there.

They stay in groups. Slowly learn to speak and how to make fire.

They’ve learned a great invention ;the wheel or a tire.

Our story would continue but doesn’t it sound odd?

Remember it is just a story. But in this story we are God . …