I am the L in lbgt

I am also the b and the g, you see.

Maybe one is your mother or sister or brother.

All that matters is ,do you love each other?

If you are one of those letters, don’t care if people stare.

They are just ignorant. Are programmed by their environment. Culturally unaware.

No matter what your letter is I love you ,as long as love is what you have to give.

Evil, pure evil ,evil in any way, I do not forgive for as long as you live.

But back to the lbgt. Why do you care who is in bed with me?

And why do you care who’s in bed with he or she?

It does not make sense. I don’t understand?

You are either good or bad. That is where I stand

 I’m glad the laws have changed and  our country does seem better.

But we always have to pick on someone’s letter.

Today that letter is the letter m

Those damn Muslims what’s wrong with those?

In a few weeks ,my sister is marrying one whose family is from Egypt. And it only shows….

That we always need someone to pick on, no matter where the wind blows.

We are all the same. Ashes to ashes dust to dust.

All we are is Dust In The Wind. In this we must Trust.

Peace and love Laurelin