Fiction vs nonfiction ☆

In Forrest Gump magic legs were given to Lieutenant Dan

But I can’t walk with the real legs though, I try the best I can

The Force is with you in Star Wars

I just keep falling on different floors

In alien’s the bald chick looks badder than ever.

This bald chick needs help putting on a sweater

It always works out in the movies you see

I wish that was the case for you and me

I love zombies, apocalyptic movies,and movies like 12 Monkeys

Everyone goes out with a bang! None of my friends died from being Junkies

The real world sucks. And movies are better.

Guess that’s why we watch movies instead of sending a letter.

Letters often send death and sadness

Movies tend to bring us gladness

” life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I have almost always known. And my life simply won’t let, 

Me to remember or me to forget

That I was once healthy I was once smart.

I read my old College notes and don’t understand them and it breaks my heart.

I put on a happy face for you and I pretend and I pretend….

I have nothing but pain and sorrow and Agony to lend.

Gone With the Wind is the only movie that has Agony I can relate to.
I often watch it when I feel blue.

I am Scarlett O’Hara. A Beauty with life full of pain. Every night I try to say,

Remember that, Laurelin , tomorrow is another day.

Peace and love Laurelin