In a real zombie movie everybody dies ■

In the a real zombie movie everybody dies

Nobody prays. Nobody tries. Nobody lies and certainly nobody tries

To help other ones. Or for that matter help themselves.
 we all might as well be little Keebler elves.

Sitting up high upon a tree.

And whistling while we make a cookie.

Not caring about what’s above or below,

My as well jump out your tree window.

You see.elves don’t exist ;and your tree is on fire.

You can call me a lot of things. But don’t call me a liar.

I can see the Flames from here. You stupid little elves.

I can’t keep watching trees burn down; we must take care of ourselves!

If you just took a look down at our beautiful Metropolis,

You would see that for goodness sake, elves it is the zombie apocalypse!

Why should I give a damn about stupid elsves and stupid tree,

I don’t even give a s*** what happens to me!

 And I am so insignificant. In the large scheme of things.

Bacteria is more significant. And that dinosaur that had wings.

Humans got lazy technology take over.

Forget about fairies and nymphs and creativity and didn’t look over their shoulder

AI really happened. They discovered a serum.

To infect us in2 Zombies, only peoplAe without technology didn’t see ’em

People like me who read books and live next to that damn Keebler Elf tree

I know you people don’t believe in elves are in a Zombie.

That’s why I live hidden here. Alone. Quiet and free.

Free from the chaos that surrounds me and that damn tree.

So I watch zombies all around ,and wait for my fatality ,

I know you don’t understand and I live in my own reality.

All I know for sure, is those damn Keebler elves ,are going to burn down that poor tree.

They say I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. And these things aren’t real

Then I shouldn’t listen to what I see, hear, and feel.

I won’t take thos,e damn pills. I don’t want to see what “real’

So I hide on the hill where it’s safe. For I know every doctor lies.

All I know is for absolute certainty in every ‘real” zombie movie ,everyone dies.