Blocked, or Revenge?

Chris Rieth, blocking me on social media does not erase almost 5 years of my life with you.

Joel Carlin, pretending I never existed does not make it true.

Tom Joyner, you date a 23 year old 13 years younger than you, you get ,what you get.

Richard Lance, you may hit your wife and kids but I will never let;

My daughter fall prey to any man like you. She will never be bought. She will never be sold.

Richard Johnson, you may be a Vietnam vet, but you’re also a pedophile and old.

My daughter has the greatest father and will not fall prey to the likes of you

, we will not let it happen. And now we’re the all of you I’m through.

My past I cannot ever erase.

Don’t worry guys, this won’t go on social media only into cyberspace.

Yes I hold resentment. Anger. Fear. All of this is true.

There is nothing left to say except for a giant f*** you.