U imagine – short non-fiction story written by Laurelin 

the 6 year old little girl got off the school bus ,bouncing with her blonde hair blowing in the wind. It was a very windy day and trees were down across roads everywhere. Our lines were down. And the power  had gone out in her school.

 she waved goodbye to her neighbor. Came bouncing up the stairs ,opened the door and I heard that pitiful ‘Oh no! ‘That I was expecting.

 and ran  from room to room. Trying on every light in the house. When every light did not work she cried ‘Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!’ Then she came running into my room and I said ‘I know dear the power is out. it’s why  mommy its reading a book. The power never stays off for long. Just find something else to play with. Goodness knows you have enough toys in your room and throughout the house to play with.’

, before I could finish her Atlantic blue eyes started glistening with tears the color of blue like icebergs in the North Atlantic seas, , like the blue you think of in December the month of her birth. The tears turn to shouts. -‘Mommy the 2ds isn’t working! the computer is not working and my tablet is not charged! There’s nothing to do!’

     this point I want to scream at her that I grew up without electricity or running water and I used my imagination. I remember seeing fairies, and I remember trees glowing and sparkling. I remember imagining kingdoms. And princes and  princesses. But I  do not scream this instead I say it like I always do ,’honey ,mommy grew up for a while without electricity and even when she did she only had a couple fuzzy TV channels ,and when she visited her daddy he still have the old black and white TV, one channel ;and mommy would rather play outside. do you want to just use your imagination? Let’s play something I’ll play anything you want.’

     she sniffles and says want to play teacher and student? You be the teacher and all be the student. I say ,’yes, I would love to. What are we going to learn about?’ She says Wales and she brings me a book about Wales I start reading her about the different ways and she starts like a good student sitting at a desk taking notes about what I say. She is a very good student then I say to her,’ now didn’t you feel like I was a teacher and you were a student? ‘She replies ‘oh yes ,but I knew it was pretend.”

     unexplainable feeling comes over me. A feeling I have had before. It was the same feeling I had when she told me at age 5 that she thought Santa Claus was just parents. I did not even know that there was a Santa Claus until 8 or 10. I absolutely knew  there was a Santa Claus.

    Like a Famous author once wrote, ‘ children do not believe dragons are real. They know that dragons are real.’ This is one it occurred to me,  that every generation loses its imagination, just a little bit more. Yes, playing a video game is like being in another world but it is a world someone else created. There is a  tree that is technically on our neighbors side of the yard. But it’s kind of right on the edge. When I was her age,  I would have tried to climb that tree; every day until I reached the first limb. That was fun to me. Not just the exhilarating of getting higher and higher up. But what my eyes of imagination sought out there. I saw a world full of wonder. Full of curiosity. A world waiting for me to explore. And the lump came in my throat as I thought that; how could this imagination be disappearing from our children?

     you know that my daughter has an imagination still. But it is not like the imagination that I remember. Because she knows that it is pretend. Even when she plays with her little friends at recess she told me that yes, they played games but she knows it is pretend.  I used to swim in the pool ,like all kids love ,I would be a mermaid. I didn’t pretend to be a mermaid, I would be a mermaid. My daughter does the same thing ;except her brain synopsis know she is just pretending.

     I worry we introduced her into technology too fast. Watching cartoons even as a baby. I worry that it is the parents fault. But then I think about the fact that; she is in kindergarten and the children have something called iPads. I do not know what this even is. But she looks forward to her turn every week with the iPad.

     they are all taking typing classes. They are only learning to write print. Cursive is a dying art. A thing of the past. But that is the way it goes ,isn’t it? Didn’t our parents say the same things about us with cable and phones? Did their parents not say the same thing about the invention of the radio? It goes back and back and back and back this way. I think back to  my great great great infinity ancestors saying to their children in grunts ;’back in my day we didn’t have that fancy dance  thing wheel that you have ‘chuckling to myself.

    Technology changes ,so do the children. But I truly believe that something is happening. With the beginning of the first giant computer. Technology started growing at an alarming rate. The World Wide Web Connects us to anyone anywhere ,at any time. years ago  the best human chess player beaten at chess by computer . Years ago we learned the ability to clone dolly,  the sheep. We have found the human Gino. Have we not reached a point where the technology that we are inventing is becoming smarter than we are? Is the movie Terminator really that far away from existence?

     Centuries ago a man named Jules Vern wrote about submarines. These things that could let humans go into the ocean,  into the deep, deep, down. He wrote about inventions that could take humans into outer space. Today we  write about machines taking over the world. About machines that become intelligent. about aliens and all of the glaciers of the world melting; and for the most part ,we authors write about the apocalypse. Does this mean that we are on the prep the buses of the end,  and of a new beginning? A beginning that could be an entire new species? Like the dinosaurs were wiped out by something and later replaced by man?

    If history repeats itself. And the literature we write eventually be comes true. I foresee technology being our downfall. I could be wrong ,it could be nature itself that takes us out. Just like the dinosaurs. what if machines do become artificial intelligence and take out the human race. As it has been written before. If this is true. In this case ,would we not be the machines God? being the case, would that not mean that perhaps the machines believe that man which created them had a God,  and there must be a god ,that purhaps created their God,  as they created us? But then maybe there is a God that created that God? Where does the Alpha begin? Where does the Omega end?

     circle of life. No matter whether that Circle B started during the Big Bang or before the big bang when matter was just collating with each other? Or perhaps it goes back further when the universe was D void of even gases that made stars?

     there is no secret to pie. Pye being 3.1 4159. The circumference of a circle. Everything comes back to a circle. do believe in karma up. That people get what they deserve. But we simply know this isn’t true. Some people that deserve the most,, get nothing. And those that don’t deserve it, becomes the richest in the land. so try to believe in circumstances. But they simply are not true. I have had circumstances in my life that could not possibly be a circumstance, and it’s all part of the circle of my life, which is part of the circle of your life, which is part of the circle of humanities life, and it all goes round and round.

     so I have come to realize that, it is foolish of me too in anyway ,have any feelings, about technology and my child. This is just the way it goes. This is simply the cycle of life. And where that circle will go no one knows. But the fact that it is a circle, means it will continue to go somewheres. Just as it always has.

     imagination will always exist in our children. They just imagine in a different way from us. Oh way that I cannot understand. & a way in which my daughter cannot understand mind. That does not mean that imagination it is gone. The fact that I am still writing imagination from  my mind,  is proof that imagination never dies it’s just different from generation to generation. And it’s all part of that circle. unfortunately, any imagination from any child to generation eventually must weather and die. And it is decades later, that you realize how much you wish you  could go back in time and have some of that imagination back. But we still can have this imagination. I use it by writing stories, and by reading poetry ,and writing poetry. And I’m sure you use it too, all the time. If you have made it all the way to the end of this story you have just used your imagination. Imagine your life will be a great one and maybe it will be. Imagine. ………
    Peace and love Laurelin 

    ‘ gather ye rosebuds while ye may ,Old Times still aflying. And that’s sweet bud that blooms today, tomorrow will be dying’