forgive/forget (august 5th 2008) ■

Forgive me,Father, for I have sinned.

I’ve forgotten where I come from.

Forgive me,brother,for I have sinned.

I hear you call,but only a hum.

Forgive me,sister, for I have sinned.

From where do I hear you call?

Forgive me,mother,for I have sinned.

I don’t know me at all.

Forgive me,life,for I have sinned.

I’ve forgotten how to live.

Forgive me, earth,for I have sinned.

I take but rarely give.

Forgive me,mind, for I have sinned.

For too long I used and abused you.

Forgive me,body, for I have sinned.

It’s a miracle we got threw.

Forgive me,light,for I have sinned.

I spread darkness threw out.

Forget me,chemicals,for I repent.

I loathe you,hate you, and I forget.

Forget me,abuse me, for I repent,

I curse you,despise you, and I forget.

Forget me past,for I repent .

I shut the door,don’t look back.

Forgive me now,for I know;

Family,love,trust is what I lack.

Forgive me,future, I’ll make you proud!

The world now has some light.

Forgive me,conscience,and yell out loud;

Family,love; will make this life right.


this poem makes absolutely no sense! You can tell my mind hasn’t been sober too long.

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