Today I lost a friend. And I will miss the old you.

I’m very sorry for the hurt and pain you must be going through.

When I was young, I used to get so mad at things people said.

Older and wiser, I don’t let what you say about me go to my head. 

When you are young ,you invest so much in what people say if  only I knew then what I know today.

You must let the little things roll off your back.

If you don’t stop thinking about it over and over you’re going to give yourself a heart attack!
It is human nature. That is what we do.

There is a  hamster wheel inside of you.

Round and round it goes, going nowhere but in your mind; you know it’s true

Why are you investing your time in what others say?

Just let it roll off your back, say goodbye, and go let it float way.

Ads my great-grandmother said; be a duck. let it roll off your back.

It is not important what other people lack