3 great things

There are three great things that come out of Binghamton New York. The Speedy. Rod Serling. And me.

Why me you ask? I’m just not famous ….yet.  That is all see.

Do I want to be famous? Hell yeah! Don’t you?

Who doesn’t want to be remembered for something great, different, honest and true?

I want my poetry told to the world and for everyone to think it’s Grand.

So far I think it’s going pretty good. I’m lying. It is definitely not going as planned.

You thought I would be a published Poet by the time I was 31

6 years later ,I’m starting to think, that this battle cannot be won.

What if I do get published? And all the reviews they hate!

 I have a will and the drive; that I must keep on going and create

We have volumes upon volumes of journals filled with poetry since 13

I know that Publishers have seen them. They have contacted me. Yet in print it is still unseen.

No one buys your poetry unless you are dead.

Sadly this is true of most of the poet’s I have read.

You would think that that thought would make me sad.

The truth is I think it would be pretty rad.

I bet if I went around the room and asked everyone it would seem,

That all of you probably want to be remembered for your dream.

Why, oh why, do we care what people remember of us when we die?

Because we all want to know the meaning of life. I cannot tell a lie.

I’ve struggled with this concept in many poems I have written I try ,I try, I try.

Some say the meaning is to learn lessons. Some say we will never know, sigh sigh,  sigh.

We all want to be remembered buy someone for something.

Maybe having this desire will make the meaning ring.

I go crazy sometimes thinking about the meaning of life, and being remembered for mine.

I guess maybe I don’t have anything to teach. Maybe my poems aren’t meant to shine.

You are reading it now ,or you are hearing it now ,so I guess I got my way.

There is simply one problem with this Poem. I did not have anything really to say.

Maybe I’m not meant to be famous. Maybe one of you could lend a hand.

3 great things came out of Binghamton New York. Rod Serling. The speedy. And….