Everyone waits to see who leaked it.

Your friends or family members Secret.

We all know this is the worst in high school.

For secrets shared can be so cruel.

That’s why I tell everyone now right away,

Don’t tell me if I can’t repeat what you say.

I have so many times messed up by mistake.

My multiple sclerosis brain has trouble with memories to make

Yes I have lost friends over this it is true 

that’s why now I always say to you,

I don’t care ,if it’s an affair, you Meet a great girl ,and want to leave your husband with deceit

I won’t remember that you told me. So I promise you ,it I will repeat.

The same goes for me ,the webs I used to yurn.

I would lie ,cheat, and steal, Manny people I did burn.

When I tried to keep secrets I got beat up by girlfriends and Men,

Deep down now I know I didn’t like myself too much then.

The truth is so much easier you see.

Not only do you feel better. But I am truly me.

So even if I say,” can you keep a secret?” I don’t really mean it.

I am an open book. You can ask me whatever you want to know.

I will never lie ,but sometimes I will simply say ,no.

I hate secrets with others, I want us United -Humanity.

But I do love secrets. The ones I only tell me.

Peace and love Laurelin