The colors I live in

I don’t live in white

I don’t live in the gray space

I don’t live in black

That was a haiku just for you now let’s switch to  free verse

I think it is enough said, that I like the color red.

Yes it is true ,I am also fond of blue.

Purple is my favorite color. I love the best in the other.

Sometimes I feel in between. And then I wear the color green.

Nothing is happier than orange or pink. They are my favorite I think.

Yellow is for a healthy fellow. Brown is the color of the Blessed ground

But if you’re feeling really fly you can always wear some tie dye.

If you really wanna sparkle and shine then all of the colors are just fine

No matter what your favorite color,

We are all out of rainbow like no other.

I feel like sometimes in time we have hit rewind

Have we not learned yet to be color blind?

Trust me you look good in any color.

And you are beautiful ,my sister and brother.

Peace and love Laurelin