To everything..

For everything, there is a reason.

A time to reap. A time to sow.


A time for these? I just don’t know.

I hope someone tells me in the afterlife.

I hope there is one,and Peter let’s me in!

What if reincarnation is real,and I meet my first wife?!

What if in the past I’ve done a really,I mean REALLY bad sin.

Maybe they will stick me in limbo.

One can never really tell.

Maybe in past life I was a total bimbo!

Worse yet,…what if I go to Hell!?

Perhaps I was a princess, a drunk, a whore.

what if we are all wrong?

What if nothing is in store…

Maybe “to everything” is just a song.

Made up.imagination galore!

What if I just give up? Stop the questions. Why bother?

what is the meaning of life

Holy spirit,Buddha,Mohammed,Jesus, Father….

what is the meaning of life.

I guess when and if I get there;I will just ask my first wife!

I’m scared there is no meaning.

Only me. Only you.

I’m scared the sun is only beaming…

In someones’ imagination. I’m sure it’s true!

It can’t be so simple.Just can’t be.the meaning of life is inside you.


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