Truth 3 Social media (7-3-14)

It is interesting, when social media becomes your “social life” yet, when you leave…no one notices.

Unless there is DRAMA,where your name is tagged,then the drama spreads like wild fire.

“why’d she do that?” “what a bitch!” “so sorry,I love you :(”

How do you love me..let me count the ways. 1. You don’t know me except facebook. 2. You knew me 20yrs ago. 3.We have mutual facebook friends. 4. You look cute in that pic.

PLEASE. Give me a break. NONE of us are really friends. Maybe we once were,but we are acquaintances! There is no love here.It’s fake.surreal, but not real. I care if you are in pain. If you need help.

I care for HUMANITY. I don’t care what your meal looks like. Or if you feel verbally attacked.Or if you don’t like a tag.Guess what!

Untag yourself. Delete comment. Unfriend. Block. Whatever. Just realize facebook is not REAL. It is someones’ idea of their reality.It is for fun. To keep in touch….But let’s be clear;if you have not called,come by my house lately, messaged me-we are not friends.We are ACQUAINTANCES. i love social media. But face facts…I did a while back.

Hence,I blog. I post pictures. I hit “like” button….but most likely the only “friends” I have on facebook will have read this. Chances are…we are not friends. Stop fake I love yous & fake I cares. Let’s get REAL about it…It may be your reality. It is not mine.




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