Marry a banker ( written in 1999)

life is simply a path you take,

one false step could lead to a fatal mistake.

If I chose to indulge in smoking weed;

Half of the nation will think I’m of ignorant breed.

But only the 50% do I need,

To light up a joint & have my mind be freed.

If I chose to pop a little pill called ‘E’,

most of the nation will not see;

That it’s my body,And I chose what to do with me!

This law granted by God,they refuse to see.

Perhaps instead I should do as they say;

Marry a banker,and keep drugs far away.

But why should I chose this for you?

My addictions aren’t harming even a few.

It is I only who chose this path 

And I only who must face I’ll have powers Rite 

Robert Frost took the path less traveled by,

He did not wait for someone to tell him to get high!

Leave me alone,with your false morals and law,

For in the Bible the true law I saw..

I’ve been given’ the right of self choice.

Yet even friends won’t hear my voice!

sick of hearing, “no partying today,everyone must wait for Friday!”

“if you don’t,you have no self will.”

Shut the fuck up man, and swallow a pill.

Too many addicts are the laws pray,

Maybe if they leave us alone;murders,rapists,they will slay!

Don’t listen to what they tell you to do.

No one should decide but you!

It’s your life,and you only get one!

Go out with a bang!Don’t set with the sun.

My body is MINE,can’t you see.

No one decides my fate but me.

(pleasse recognize when I wrote this, I was a serious addict….but some of it does make a good point)




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