Lost and founds exist ,in every city in Japan.

America it is Finders Keepers and go to the finder’s hand

America has more incarcerated people, every country we beat.

Easiest because we have so many who lie, and steal and cheat.

For those of us disabled, the country and taxes should take care of you.

Unfortunately, for many Americans This simply is not true.

 Disability? many apply, but they are often denied.

This is because over 50% of them lied.

Many of the claims are people from prison.

Claiming mental health issues, back pain, or trouble with vision.

Each claim must be considered, and processed, and take up time

A Prisoner is applying now as I write this rhyme.

Time should be spent on people like me and you who really can’t work.

You would think all the fakers trying to get free money would feel like a jerk

This is the United States of America  unfortunately, is not true

 In our country morality is an issue. 

Why? I do not know.  Do you?

Disabled  are not respected here. Maybe I’ll move to Peru. 

In Mexico people smiled at me

Here ,No one even wants to glance and see

I make them think of their own mortality

Bottom of the barrel even though I’m free

A high school English teacher, a poet, an Aurthor, a writer ,but no one knows

No one bothers to Care or ask, And it shows watch your tv. Ignore reality. With that I’m through. 

For I will be “riding the dragon’s where the wind just blew.”

Quoted excerpt from a poem I wrote in 1998. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Funny that not much has changed in 20 years

Peace and love Laurelin