I love you 

I can’t get worried I can’t get upset I cannot have any stress

I must stay healthy for 3 months and have no signs of MS

It’s time to not read into things that we don’t know

You are not inside my head just so you know

I can not worry about Facebook Twitter or social media ever 

No one will change my mind anyways ever

I like my blog better you’re all so  nice

With you I never have to think twice

About what I say or what I do

For being there for me I’ll always be there for you

That’s what humanity is all about

19 things better not Scream & Shout

Social media has been very good to me

But for others it’s just not you see

I am tough  and have very thick skin

But sometimes it hurts deep down with in 

So I’m  not linking this to Facebook or Twitter

I will get less views but no one will be bitter. 

I love my bloggers I really do

Peace and love& bless you