You’re too fat. You’re too thin.

You have crooked teeth when you grin

Your clothes are ugly. They look used.

I am mean to you cuz I am abused

I put you down because I don’t like me.

Sometimes there is no excuse; I’m just an asshole you see.

Don’t take my shit, no matter who I am.

You have so much worth and value what I say is a sham

Don’t ignore me. I won’t go away.

Instead look me in the eyes and say;

I am beautiful. You are wrong and screw.you!

What makes you this way? Why do the things you do?

You may hate me, but I’m indifferent to you.

I’ll always tattle tail,even when you mess with others too.

That’s just a bully on the street, the bus, or in school .

It’s a whole new world, parents, computers and cell phones can be cruel. 
It’s not the same anymore 

They even need protection inside your front door

I don’t care how pissed off your kids get

See everything they write, look at, and don’t let 

A bully or predator inside your home 

It is  in cyber space where they lerk and roam.

It’s tough being a parent today, all the people and evil for them to rid. 

If you think that’s tough, try today being a kid. 

Peace and love Laurelin O’Brien